Tyranny In The White House?

During these past few months of 2012 there has been many issues involving newly installed government rules that conflict with the rights of Americans. On New Years Eve President Obama secretly signed and passed the National Defense Authorization Act while the American people were out getting drunk to celebrate the new year. The NDAA states that American citizens who are labeled as terrorists can be detained, interrogated, and tortured in newly constructed FEMA camps paid for with our tax dollars. If you have read any of the FBI’s guidelines, you would know that it does not take much to be identified as a terrorist. You can be labeled as a terrorist by paying for an enormous amount with cash, mumbling to yourself, if you are overdressed for the weather, criticizing the decisions of the government, and protesting against government decision. Which brings me to my next issue, the anti-protest bill which was also signed by President Obama which makes protesting a felony violating our rights of freedom of speech. On March 16, 2012 Obama also passed the NDAA Natural Resources Preparedness Act which states that the President can seize all natural produces in case of a state issue. This includes wars and natural disasters and if you pay attention to the news, you would know that the US & Israel are planning to go back to war with Iran as well as wage wars in countries such as Africa, Asia, and Japan. Do you really think Joseph Kony is still in Uganda making kids kill their parents? Kony hasn’t been seen in 6 years and this Invisible Children propaganda is a heaux so America can seize the golds and oil that sits under the land of Uganda. Did I mention that Joseph Kony was trained by the CIA? Did I also mention that our government spent $84 billion on ammunition alone this year? For what? My goal is not to scare you but it is to INFORM the unknowingPLEASE do not shy away from this information, research it for yourself none of this information is my expressed opinion these are hard stated facts. Read and become aware let someone else know what is going on before it is too late for us to have a voice!

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